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Is Happiness Highly Over-rated?

by Patricia

I’ve been having discussions recently with people about happiness, as clients have been saying “I just want to be happy.” This peaked my curiosity and I started asking the question “What does that mean to you? How do you define happiness?”  This is what I heard… It means I won’t be sad anymore (some other […]

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Tears in the vegetable aisle

by Patricia

My eyes have been a little “leaky” lately! In the tiredness that comes from very long and high energy days, I have encountered sadness that I didn’t expect. Sadness that doesn’t seem to be associated with any one cause or incident. Just a general sad. The result is my leaky eyes have released tears in […]

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Day of Fine Tuning a Great Success!

by Jay

A Day of Fine Tuning was held Saturday at the Center. Read about the main theme from the day, and how that theme is universal for us as humans when we do our work.

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