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Lessons from the Deep Freeze

by Patricia

Who would have thought that the deep freeze (-50 Farenheit) could be a source of inspiration and reminders of how healing works? I didn’t, at first. Then the Deep Freeze brought a frozen drain pipe in my house, burst pipes resulting in a small lake (ok, very large puddle!) in the course room at the […]

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Successful Living Basic Training

by Patricia

Over the last forty years, I’ve done many, many personal growth seminars, read a zillion books (well, it seems like it, you should see my library!) and listened to hours, probably years, of seminars and audio books. And every time I hit a challenge in my life, found myself up against a barrier, or down […]

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Reflections on Gratitude and Peace

by Patricia

On the Monday after a Taking It Lightly weekend, I am often physically tired yet deeply peaceful. Every weekend reminds me why I do this work – hearts are opened and sometimes literally a life is saved. It is rewarding to see someone get their giggle back or find forgiveness and peace. So this afternoon, […]

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Lighten Up 2010 with Forgiveness and Gratitude

by Jay

A new year can be a great time for change—clearing out clutter from your living space, planning goals for the year, etc. It can also be a wonderful time to clear out what we have been carrying for too long: the burdens that weigh on our hearts caused by not forgiving others and not forgiving ourselves. […]

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