Create a New Addiction – Become Addicted to Gratitude!

by Patricia on

Someone just wrote me saying “I’ve discovered I’m addicted to lack. Help!”

These are my thoughts in response. It seems to me that being addicted to lack (focused on what you don’t have, sabotaging the flow in your life) is being addicted to fear/adrenalin/victim. It would be helpful to give some thought to what being addicted to lack gets you – the “benefits” of being in lack – pity? rescue? righteousness? attention? being right about how wrong you are (inability to handle money)?

I have a simple answer to the situation. One that has worked for me for decades.
Start a new addiction to gratitude which will help you feel abundant and peaceful. Be grateful everyday for what you have.Be grateful for the opportunity to become more resourceful and creative when you have a space to fill.

Stop calling it lack. Love that state, whatever its characteristics are. It is a space to fill in your life. If you keep calling it lack and resisting it, you will create more lack. See the opportunity to fill the space with something different. Bless that opportunity and then ask “where do I want to go from here?” “what is my next step?” and then “thank you for this opportunity to learn, grow, be more resourceful in the world”.

If you need 30 seconds or five minutes of a pity party for what you think you don’t have or can’t do, then feel it. Let it move through and then choose your next step.

Be grateful for all the flow of energy in your life, the true prosperity of health, love, creative self-expression and the wealth that flows through you every day (including the wealth that is not money).

Finally are you tithing? even a penny on a dollar? Give in gratitude for what you have received – always!

Remember, you choose your thoughts, your focus, your direction. Your thoughts cause your emotions to shift and overtime will build a new belief system. Let lack atrophy, build gratitude and opportunity!

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