Lessons from the Deep Freeze

by Patricia on

Who would have thought that the deep freeze (-50 Farenheit) could be a source of inspiration and reminders of how healing works?

I didn’t, at first. Then the Deep Freeze brought a frozen drain pipe in my house, burst pipes resulting in a small lake (ok, very large puddle!) in the course room at the Center, and then a much bigger, deeper puddle in the basement of the back house. Apparently the local mouse population wanted warmth so much they ate a hole in the foundation and braved the dogs who live in the house in order to survive. A small stream of water was flowing in as it rained and melted the snow behind the house.  I learned about hydraulic cement used to fix an active leak in a cement/brick wall.  Leak stopped, creek no longer flowing in. Repair of an appropriate boundary – the tenants live in the house, the mice and the water stay outside.

The burst pipes at the Center required replacement of the toilets – improving the letting go flow. It took a freeze to get the attention of the landlord that the room needed better care (heating) and attention. Properly attended to, the pipes would not have frozen. How often do we not attend to our emotions with love (heat) and keep them flowing?

On the other end of the spectrum, the drain pipe in my basement is clogged. Frozen clogs are harder to dissolve!! If I had remembered to clean the pipes with enzymes a few times during the year, this would not have happened. Another lesson on maintenance and attention. There’s some drainage, must be about pretty small hole, cause it takes hours for an inch or two of water to drain. Good news is there is flow. Remembering to appreciate that there is flow and following-up with patience, makes it easier to wait for the heat to thaw the pipe, preparing for the full flow.

Sometimes letting go, change, is a slow process. The larger and more frozen the energy clog, the more important it is to create safety with love and let it melt, rather than trying to blow it up with force, saving the pipe (your body) in the process.

Looking at these situations as an opportunity to learn helped me to not get upset or angry. I could simply do what needed to be done in the moment to handle it -urgency or patience where needed, plus gratitude for resolution and repair.

Life gives us teachers in many forms, we just have to be open to see the lessons. When we are, it’s easier to learn!

And remember that maintenance, keeping the boundaries strong and the pathways clear, can keep future crises away.





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Ron Printup April 28, 2015 at 5:18 am

We’re never too old to forget but never too old to learn also.


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