What Christmas Movies Do You Watch?

by Patricia on

Holidays are mixed blessings for most of us. I find myself wondering how the movies people watch during this time reflect their emotional state. (This of course could be true any day of the year!).

Do you watch the kid movies? About Santa and reindeer and snowmen? An inner child wanting the times of innocence and play?

Perhaps you are a Christmas comedy person, watching all the movies about the crazed family at the holidays, bumbling, imperfect, sometime hilarious, sometimes sadly unfunny, an exaggerated (well, maybe not?) soap opera drama. Laughing at the insanity might help make reality a little easier to take, i.e. at least my life is not as bad as that movie!

Or maybe you are the Christmas classic watcher, where good overcomes evil and it all works out to a happy-ending story. Holding on to the “reason for the season” so you don’t get lost in the all commercialism and instead remember what is important. Maybe wishing for the idyllic that never was and likely never will be?

Perhaps you are like me, avoiding Christmas/holiday movies all together. Not listening to the radio because I don’t want to hear another Christmas song for the millionth time. No decorations. Presents wrapped last minute. Because there are things about Christmas I don’t want to remember. I don’t have the best history of holidays past. Rather “Bah, humbug”? Yup, it is.

So the movie I watch is the one I create – with a focus on the love I can share with my family and friends. It;s about being together and grateful for life, whatever it is right now. A good meal, hugs, and gratitude. Presents are unimportant, time together is what matters. Visiting the veterans and giving packages from Operation Gratitude, along with hugs, smiles, laughter and tears, letting them know someone cares and is grateful. I like this movie. This movie I can remember and look forward to each year. Lots of people helping each other, rejoicing in each other’s company. My movie won’t ever be a box office hit or a popular classic. It will be one I can carry with me all year, and recreate in little ways every day.

May your holidays, however you celebrate this time of year, be filled with love, forgiveness and gratitude. As you record your movie, may your focus be clear and full of scenes you will want to watch, over and over again!


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