Hobby? What’s that?

by Patricia on

My daily task for the Successful Living Basic Training follow-up is to start a hobby if I don’t have one. That got me thinking.

For the last 30 years, my “hobby” has been the Center, Taking It Lightly, creating community. For the last 20 years, I’ve had a second “hobby” – doing veterans work. Both call me to being creative, getting outside myself, connecting with others.

Listening to murder mysteries and intrigue novels (from JD Robb to Robert Ludlum, with lots in-between) is the way I relax when I am driving – so I am not thinking about work or tasks of any kind. Watching CSI/detective type tv shows – when a problem is solved in an hour (once in a while 2 hours) – is a way I get out of the busy-ness of my life, see something from beginning to end and get to stretch my detecting skills a bit.

And yet are any of these really a “hobby”?  Michael Brickey, author of “Defy Aging,” says an ideal hobby would be one that serves three purposes: a diversion (escape from daily life), a passion (engage in something you love) and a creation of a sense of purpose.

I don’t get paid for any of those things. In many ways, they all meet aspects of the definition. Yet something tells me I should consider something else as a hobby. I’m willing. I’m not sure where I would fit it into my schedule.

I’m so immersed in work that I totally love. And immensely grateful that I can be! I think that something that calls me to a different kind of creativity might be in order. I’m taking ideas if you have any to offer!

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George November 25, 2013 at 5:38 pm

Recommending a “hobby” to someone vegetating in a state of boredom may be good advice. Recommending a “hobby” to someone in a state of “work addiction” may be good advice.

Certainly when “something …calls me [us] to a different kind of creativity” I believe we certainly must embrace “the call.” Though I’m not at all sure “trying to find” a “hobby” has much value when we already joyfully and passionately fill our time researching, creating, servicing, and communicating with purpose.


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