Successful Living Basic Training

by Patricia on

Over the last forty years, I’ve done many, many personal growth seminars, read a zillion books (well, it seems like it, you should see my library!) and listened to hours, probably years, of seminars and audio books. And every time I hit a challenge in my life, found myself up against a barrier, or down for the count when something just didn’t work out well, what helped to turn things around and set me off in the “right” direction again was getting back to the Basics.

I found that when I practiced certain principles in my life, the lows didn’t last long. I would recover quickly and relatively easily. The key is practice. Putting into action some core concepts and actions that shifted my experience of my situation or condition. There are in fact a few basic things, that when you correctly practice and integrate them into your life, you’ll find that highs get higher and the lows get higher, leading you to the satisfaction and aliveness that are the fabric of life.

So I have finally done it, put together those Basics in a two day workshop that will not make you rich quickly, nor will you find the perfect relationship. What it will do is give you the Basics. Basic Training for Life Itself! A set of tools, simple and easy-to-use, that IF you use them, will get you through the tough times, increase the joy and frequency of the good times, and these tools will never wear out!

You’ll end up with a solid foundation under you AND you will have the tools for building the life YOU REALLY WANT TO LIVE!

There’s more information on the program and registration at Successful Living Basic Training. SEE  YOU SOON!

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