Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

by Patricia on

In the Successful Living Basic Training we talk about how defining life purpose helps to focus our choices. One way to clarify your life purpose is the look at the WOW experiences in your life – the times when you were in the right place, at the right time, successfully engaged in the right activity and things just fell into place. Times when things just worked. When what you need just came to you, without effort. Contacts, connections and it seems like a co-incidence. However it is no accident. It is two incidents, coming together “on purpose”.

Who were you with? What were you doing? Look at the common elements of the WOW experiences and you can begin to define your purpose.

And once you define your purpose, you will be able to make better choices to focus your life.

The launch of the Successful Living Basic Training was a huge success. And within 24 hours, I received a call from a veterans organization looking for a partner in training for veterans re-integrating into civilian life. Turns out the SLBT is just the kind of program they want! Two veterans just completed the program and could become instructors for the a version of the program customized to assist military families. Co-incidence? On purpose!!

I’d love to hear about your WOW experiences, how they connect, and what you learn about purpose.

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Wenona Morning Star Gardner November 8, 2013 at 3:38 am

Dear Patricia,

My favorite WOW moments began July 2010. I just was about to celebrate my 37th birthday on Lucky 7-11. An acquaintance of mine all of a sudden wanted to be my close friend. She found out my birthday was coming up and I didn’t have family. So said she wanted to treat me to a very special birthday. She asked me what my favorite food was that she would make for my birthday. I told her lasagna with cheddar cheese. She wanted to make me a salad so she asked me what my favorite salad was and I told her that my favorite salad is spinach with bleu cheese dressing and raisins.

So on my birthday I was all alone when my door bell rings and there is my new close friend carrying homemade tray of lasagna with cheddar, spinach salad, bleu cheese dressing, and raisins, a Native American drum and purple flowers. I was overwhelmed. I didn’t have anybody from my family contact me that day but it was so special that she was there the whole day just for me with my favorite foods, and surprises like flowers with purple which is my favorite color and a Native American drum which secretly I had always wanted to be a drummer but never had a drum before. I was overjoyed by this overwhelming flood of blessings and abundance. I didn’t know what I did to deserve such love and such gifts? That’s when my friend started talking about her Taking It Lightly experience weekend. Gushing about how wonderful it was and talking about how they said that she should pay it forward all the blessings she experienced that weekend. That’s why she chose to shower her love on me.

Just when I thought my birthday couldn’t possibly get any better she declared that she was going to sponsor me and help pay for me to take the Taking It Lightly course! My mouth dropped opened! I was in utter shock and belief. As if the many gifts she so lovingly made for me wasn’t enough she was going to be the catalyst I needed to empower me and make happen a Taking It Lightly weekend for me! I am still shocked by this ultimate gift.

I was signed up by August 2010 to take the Taking It Lightly course. I was grateful for being awarded a scholarship from the Starfish Foundation, plus the financial support of my new close friend who was giving it to me as my birthday present, plus my contribution and I was ready to go on a journey of self discovery. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I remember feeling very alert and taking as much in as I possibly could. I remember when it was my turn, I wanted to remove emotional blocks that were keeping me from fully expressing myself. Through the roleplaying, a therapist, and the participants and staff, I unleashed deep seated pain and anger that had been stuck inside me because I wasn’t given a safe place to express traumas that happened to me. So I had to swallow my voice and suppressed my true feelings. Hearing myself for the first time shout out my real feelings shocked me and amazed me at the same time. So that’s what I am really feeling? That’s what those emotions sound like coming out of my mouth? That awareness was so enlightening it was if I suddenly received more colors to complete my rainbow. I was feeling a fuller range of my emotions. I released.

And in releasing a pathway was opened for me for my light to shine through. From darkness to light. I remember learning that I had been like Anne Frank hiding in the attic. I remember hearing Madonna’s Express Yourself as my new theme song. I remember the smell of cedar just like I knew when I was a child on the reservation where I experienced my early stages in life bonding with my Native American Grandparents. I remember taste of oranges. All of a sudden all these sensory experiences started happening and everything seemed more richer. I remember I ended my Taking It Lightly weekend singing “You are my Sunshine” with everyone the way my Gamma used to sing with me at night in her canopy bed and my younger sister. It was a weekend I still remember with much enthusiasm.

Because of the Taking It Lightly course I am giving myself the gift to being a Professional Artist the way I have always dreamed I could be. I am taking my chance on my dreams and living my purpose. I am going to be like Madonna and Express myself. I am going to run out of the attic and back into the daylight ready for adventure and fun! I am going to place bets on my success! I am worth it! Today I am living my dream! I want to pay it forward!

Chi Miigwetch (Thank you in Ojibwe),

Wenona Morning Star Gardner
White Turtle Rainbow
Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Nation


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