Still Breathing? You Are Learning!

by Patricia on

We are learning every moment, processing billions of bits of data per second through the system that is our body and brain. The question is “What will you choose to consciously pay attention to?”

We are aware of only 2,000 bits of data per second and the rest of the billions are, fortunately, processed without our conscious attention. Imagine if it weren’t. We would be immobilized by the overwhelm.

So what are you choosing to pay attention to? What skill do you want to master? What awareness do you need to have right now? Where is the challenge that you want to overcome and have the solution become auto-pilot in your life? IF YOU AREN’T CHOOSING, you are missing a great opportunity – the potential of conscious competence, of having a tool you can easily access when needed.

Pick something to learn. Each day, remind yourself that this is what you want to learn. By choosing a focus, you will see opportunities to learn it, you will find resources to learn it. Without the choice, your results will be no better than random chance. Even winning the lottery would offer better chances, if you bought a ticket.

I’m learning marketing, another level, this time focused on using the great tool of the internet to spread my work globally. I am daily overwhelmed with the amount of information available. So I choose something to focus on for the day, and then learn what I can that day. And repeat. And repeat. I am learning that it will be to my advantage to hire some experts and some support staff so that I can focus where my skills are – the teaching, the writing, the sharing of my heart.

Focus your learning. Let every breath be an invitation to expand and grow and prosper. You will feel more alive! You will be more alive!

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