Overwhelmed? One step at a time!

by Patricia on

This has been quite a month, two weeks of illness, two weekend intensives in a row, travel and corporate training. Blessed with a cancellation of an expo event, I’ve had a day off today. I stayed home and piece by piece put my house back in order, handled necessary personal tasks like paying bills, and did a little reading. If I think about all that needs to be done, I would be overwhelmed! The list as usual is endless.

Here’s a simple way to get out of overwhelm that might help you. It’s worked for me for years.

1) Make a list of all the things you think you need to do (write down anything and everything that comes up!)

2) Decide which of these things are things you actually want to do and/or need to do because you have made commitments that you want to keep. Cross off everything that is what you think you “should” do or are really “someday” tasks and not important to your life right now.

3) Pick one simple, easy to do item and complete it. Maybe do another. Come back to the list with a sense of completion and success.

4) Put a completion date on everything else.

5) Then prioritize – DO SOON = urgent and vital, COMING UP = urgent or vital, not both, LATER = neither urgent nor vital.

6) Schedule them into your calendar accordingly.

7) Rest

8) Come back to your list, rested and ready to tackle the DO SOON items. Organize them according to their due dates and your available time.

9) Do one thing at a time, do it well, enjoy it. Celebrate when done!!

I’ve used this system for many, many years and it works.

We’ve all have so many things we could do, we want to do, we should do, etc that we will never, ever be done! So I’ve decided to organize what is important to me, do what I can one step at a time and enjoy what I do.

I’m glad I will never be done, as life would truly be boring. Even rest and relaxation would not be as enjoyable if there wasn’t busy-ness to contrast it.  So I live full out, rest full out, and look forward to lots of choices for what to do next.


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