Time to go on the BSO diet!

by Patricia on

It’s definitely time! This is a diet that every entrepreneurial mind, every creative mind, needs to go on at some point, sometimes frequently. It’s not about food. BSO is Bright Shiny Opportunity. Some folks with Attention Deficit call it Bright Shiny Object. It’s that creative distraction, that sounds-so-good opportunity, that truly great idea that we see glinting over in the sunlight, tempting us to pay attention.

As an entrepreneurial type, I find I need to go on the BSO diet about every three to five years, because that’s when I get the itch to do something different, have a bit of a creative challenge to shake things up a bit. It’s also the time that I am susceptible to great offers for software that make life simpler, that new website system that promises EASY DIY (do-it-yourself), the joint venture and affiliate offers, etc.

This summer, I refuse to get sucked in by BSOs! They make me skinnier in the checkbook, more frustrated in my time management, feel overwhelmed and sometimes even feel depressed because doesn’t it all mean I should be rich and retired by now?? After all, they did it overnight, didn’t they?

I have one project in front of me – the Successful Living Basic Training, from development to marketing to delivery. I will not take on another good idea. I will not add another project of any kind. I will take some off time to enjoy summer sun, even working outside if this darn rain would stop!

I invite you to consider the BSO diet if you are feeling overwhelmed, if too many good ideas have you paralyzed in too many details. Or do it like some weight diet programs suggest – give yourself one day to explore in your imagination what you would do with that BSO, then take some notes and file it away until you have achieved success on the most important opportunity currently ┬áin your career or business.

There are more BSOs in the world today than ever before. We have more choices available to us than ever before. There is something to be said for focus and simplicity as you cannot possible take advantage of every BSO the world offers you. Figure out which one is the best one for you!

My friend Steve Olsher just finished his third book, destined to be another best seller, called What is Your What. It will definitely help you figure out which BSO is your personal What. Act now and get it for free. Then read it. This BSO is one you do want to pay attention to!!


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