My mind :( Yours too, I bet!

by Patricia on

Sometimes, that wonderful voice in my mind has soooooooooooo much to say, much of it not helpful to the goals and dreams I’ve chosen for my life. Re-reading that sentence brings up the questions – who or what is my mind? who or what is the consciousness that chose dream and goals? How are they different? Are they the same? If so, how is it that they seem to disagree? And I’m off on a tangent, the path of procrastination. Contemplating the universal questions when I “should be….” whatever. Sound at all familiar?

If I want to, it seems I can easily find a million reasons, well, a lot anyway, to do something, anything, other than the challenging task, the necessary task, the not-fun task. The funny thing is that when I do the task, and let myself get into it instead of thinking about how I don’t want to do it, it almost always becomes interesting, fun, empowering and other good things.

Writing this blog is an example. When the reminder comes up in my email, “my mind” goes off into “I don’t know what to say. I don’t have anything to say. Who cares what I say? What difference does it make? I’m not a good writer. I don’t know anything new.” And on, and on and on. Yet once I start “talking” to you, sharing my thoughts and experience, I enjoy writing. I enjoy telling you the latest learning or challenge or insight.

So this morning, I set up the website for our new program – Successful Living Basic Training. I had all kinds of reasons not to and I just jumped in and had fun with it. And in a little while I am going to jump in and have fun with creating the funnel of ebooks, podcasts, webinars and more that will guide people to our work and their best life. It is very exciting to think about how many more people I will reach and how they will all contribute to making the world a better place as their lives grow and flourish.

Next time your mind has reasons for you…  – not to clean the house, blast some funky music and boogie your way through – not to finish a project, start with one small thing and get success on that and then jump into a bigger next step – not to clean up a communication or relationship, forgive yourself (give forth of love to yourself) and then look for one thing you love about the other and tell them!

Now it is up to you. What do you have reasons not to… and what will you do to kickstart the process/action?

Share it with someone. It just might encourage or inspire them. Who knows, they might even pay it forward AND get something done!

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