Addicted to Emotions?

by Patricia on

Seth Godin’s recent blog Angry is a Habit reminded me that we can become addicted to an emotional state.  Our perspectives become habits, our attitudes become habits as we repeatedly tell our stories about them, reinforcing them with emotion. Habits are addictions and at some point they become who we are instead of just something we feel/do.

So if I am going to choose which habit I want to become my addiction, I choose becoming addicted to seeing the good in myself and others. I am going to increase my joy and make it a habit, celebrating life itself – even the things that seem to be “bad” when they first happen.

I remember a story about a fellow who called himself “Leo Sunshine” back in the 1970’s. He led prosperity workshops. The story is that a participant in one of his workshops got a parking ticket during the workshop (an expensive one apparently) and came back into the workshop grumbling, complaining and angry about the ticket. The legend is that Leo told him that he might want to shift the energy, look at the ticket and jump up and down proclaiming, “WOW, another opportunity to prosper the police department.”  I’ve remembered that story all these years and have actually celebrated the few parking tickets I’ve gotten (usually in the Wisconsin winters with street parking restrictions!).

Give a try, it creates so much cognitive dissonance that it’s fun! Break the habit of negativity. WOW, another opportunity to choose joy, laughter, aliveness. Go for it!!

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