Co-incidence – A Sure Sign of Being on Purpose

by Patricia on

Life in the last few weeks has been full of co-incidence. One of the most touching was finding Healing the Warrior Heart on I got to talk with a young veteran, committed to sharing his heart that others might heal. We found we have a common mission and his work bears a title very similar to our program Healing Warrior Hearts. We will be moving forward together, with his book of poetry a gift to each participant in our program and hopefully some of his poetry set to music to use in the program (the request has been made to a veteran musician/songwriter).

All because I took a moment to look up our program to see how we are listing in google and noticed the link to Indiegogo project – and I took the time to look it up.

When we are on purpose, opportunities come to us. The challenge is for us to pay attention and act, because while the opportunities come, they don’t manifest ┬áby themselves. We must be in the moment and aware and then act.

It was no accident that we connected. It was co-incidence allowed to manifest because it was given a moment of attention and witness, and then action was taken.

How many co-incidences have you missed because you weren’t paying attention, because you were not in the moment but somewhere in the past – regretting, worrying about what has happened and can’t be changed – or in the future, worrying about what is to come?

If we pay attention to the co-incidence, that moment when Spirit is letting us know we are in the right place at the right time successfully engaged in the right activity, we will live on purpose and in the flow. Life gets easier. There is more joy and fun.


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Andrew R, Jones May 5, 2013 at 10:46 pm

It is definitely amazing how the universe works. The events and personal connections which have transpired since I started doing this, are amazing. The events which led to me starting everything, are even more amazing. God is wonderful and I appreciate you reaching out to me. This is a great opportunity and I look forward to the future. Much love and God bless.


Judi M May 5, 2013 at 11:44 pm

That’s a very nice post! I will keep it in mind and stay alert.


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