What You Think of Me is None of My Business

by Patricia on

It’s a double edged sword. One edge is that, like all humans, I want to to be loved and accepted and what you think of me has the potential to affect whether or not you love me. Hence people often become rescuers and pleasers (been there, done that, sometimes far too often for my own liking!). Cutting through my own shadows about playing big, which seems to require a toughness and sometimes ruthlessness about accountability and responsibility for myself and others, may well result in you not liking me or the way I do things. So this edge cuts my dreams into shreds as I give up being me to have you like me (which makes no sense at all in the bigger picture).

Is it possible to use the other edge to cut the shadow? Can I move steadfastly into playing big, hold myself and you accountable to our values and visions, and do it with love? Uninvested in whether or not you approve or like me? Can I call out what isn’t working with respect and love, including toughness and ruthlessness when needed?

Being willing to be a voice that calls the world to awaken can be uncomfortable, lonely, risky, but only if I forget Who calls me to use that voice or I forget that I am standing for the highest good.

My core life values are truth, love and peace. Will I speak the truth, even when it seems to be painful to say or to hear? Will I do it with love, with respect and no shaming of myself or others? Am I holding peace as the intended outcome, oneness in love?

The bigger we choose to play in the world, the more is asked of us as leaders and visionaries. Am I willing to move through the discomfort, the conflict, the challenge for a higher good, a better future, a loving Now?

If you thought that I would provide you with answers, you may now be disappointed because I have offered more questions. I believe it is in the questions we ask ourselves that our unique answers and path are discerned.

Ask and it shall be given. The question is, are you willing to take the risk of getting the answer?

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