Puppy = Life full out

by Patricia on

Secily is home (my 25 year old daughter), bringing with her a boyfriend and three dogs! My house is suddenly quite full of activity. The cats have been banished to the second floor, with a door between them and the doggy demons (well, the cats think they are, they haven’t made friends yet).

Sam, the newest and youngest of the dogs, is an 8 month old German Wirehair – adorable, awkward, playful and high on life. She snuggles and jumps and gives love, love and more love. She reminds me that life is meant to be enjoyed, regardless of the bumps and turns that each day brings.

I’ve decided she will be my reminder this summer –  to go outside and enjoy the outdoors, to do life “full out” being 100% in the moment, whether working, eating, playing, eating or simply breathing.  All of me, packed into the NOW.

As the buds come out on the bushes and trees and the grass becomes green once again, as the sun shines more often (at least in my part of the world!), I too will regenerate with the joy of a puppy doing life full out.

I invite you to join me. What is one thing you could do “full out” with the joy and exuberance of a puppy? Choose it, do it, be it and discover how it regenerates your spirit.

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