Prosperity Pointers : Making the Most of What You’ve Got

by Patricia on

Prosperity Consciousness is the ability to function freely and effortlessly in the world, with or without money. Leonard Orr

When money seems to be scarce, it may be a time to look beyond our income to other ways of obtaining what we want. Finding ways to “extend” the dollars we have and get what we want without dollars at all and doing it not from a place of fear, rather from a place of creativity, is prosperity consciousness.

Here’s a few tips to get you started:

  • Always carry cash that you never spend, so that you can not say “I’m broke” or “I don’t have any money” Then when you want something, look at alternative ways to create it in your life
  • Use time when you don’t have dollars – barter your time for what you want, take time to cut coupons, consciously plan your shopping, search for online offers and sales
  • Budget with a wild card category for an occasional splurge or treat so you don’t begin to resent wise spending
  • Take care of yourself, rest, play, eat well,  so you can feel good about yourself. It is hard to be valuable or think creatively when you are not feeling well or not enjoying your life
  • Use library for movies/books and check newspaper for free entertainment opportunities
  • Use community resources like Craig’s list, Freecycle, Barter organizations

Here are a few online resources that might also be inspiring to you:
http://www. richdadworld. com/
Doing a web search on “frugal” “simple living” and “living simply” will yeild many resources.

Above all, choosing to focus on GRATITUDE for what you have instead of focusing on what you lack helps to create a feeling of abundance and prosperity.

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