A reminder to remember – There is Only To Be!

by Patricia on

I’m back! My year started with travel made chaotic by snowstorms all over the country, costing me days of delays. Then emergency eye surgery in February that kept me on my back and off the computer. I found HUGE gratitude for my vision and for the loving community that surrounded me with hugs, food, care and comfort.

Then corporate taxes were due, then personal taxes due (both of which I did myself – with a little advice – for the first time in twenty years!!). This morning, I finally feel present to my work, as in not carrying a backload of tasks on my shoulders. I have a few, I carry them in my hands instead of on my back.

One of the many insights that came from this roller coaster ride, is a reminder that how I feel about what is happening is up to me. I’ve known that for forty years and it was deeply reinforced during this time. Often I found myself crunchy and cranky and annoyed when the phone or doorbell rang. I wanted the world to go away for awhile (hoping it might stop and wait for me while I caught up).

Thank goodness for all my years of time management and emotional intelligence teaching.

My EQ helped me remember to breathe and shift my thoughts about my experience. Whenever Smokey (my loving, cuddling cat) would come up on my lap and I felt like throwing her across the room (which I would never, ever really do!) because I was working on my laptop and she just stepped on the keyboard, I would stop, breathe and remind myself that she loves me and just wants to be with me. I would take a minute to pet her and then continue working while she lay across my forearms. (Try it sometime, it can be done!)

Or as I walked to the door to answer the bell, I would remind myself to breathe (slowly in through the nose, gently out through the mouth). By the time I got to the door, I was calm and could be pleasant to the person on the other side.

My TQ (time quotient) reminded me to take time to review and prioritize all my projects and tasks on a weekly basis, which kept me from dropping out important and urgent items. I was so grateful that I did this because I caught a few scheduling errors (like double-booking!!!) that happened while I was recovery from surgery (never say yes to anything when under the influence of strong medication, except maybe sleep). The daily reminder from Think TQ were so helpful – they are free! Check it out at the link below.

So whatever it is you are doing today, I encourage you to mindfully breathe and then ask yourself “What is the most important use of my time right now?” Often the answer may be to just be and become present.

Think TQ Daily Time Tips

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