Relationship Mojo: How to Create Uncanny Power in Your Relationships

by Patricia on

I only use my powers for good! So this month’s Taking It Lightly teleseminar was about spells (principles) for creating great relationships. Here’s one piece of the AAA spell:


A study on appreciation observed it was most powerful when it contained three characteristics:

1) Words of gratitude or appreciation – Thank you
2) Specificity – sensory specific reflection of the the person’s actions
3) Impact – a statement about the impact of the actions on others

Example: Thank you for reading this blog. Your commitment to learning and growing and having a great life is evidenced by the fact that you are reading self-awareness information in this blog. That commitment and action on what you learn will result in other’s feeling appreciated and loved, which will make the world a better place. Thank you for caring.

It takes all of about 30 seconds. Unfortunately, in our busy world, many people have forgotten or maybe never learned the relationship mojo spells of please and thank you. They don’t even say those one second spells!! Would it be worth a 30 second incantation if your relationships became easier, more satisfying and more fun?

People want to be appreciated – its a core human need to be seen and loved. People are often inspired to be helpful to others when they feel good about themselves. People who know you see the good about them will want to be around you.

Start with appreciating yourself. Make a list of 50 things about you that are good, wonderful, giving, sharing, caring, etc. Then make a similar list of at least ten things you appreciate about the key people in your life – and then make it a point to tell them. Send an email, a card, a note on their facebook page. While the lists will help you focus on what you appreciate about them, it will strengthen the spell if you actually share the appreciation.

Let me know how it works for you. It’s been working for me, like a charm!

PS The monthly Taking It Lightly teleseminars can be available to you as a member of Grow in the Light, a membership program for personal awareness and development, coming out this spring. Watch this blog for more information soon.

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Penney Johns January 19, 2011 at 1:04 pm

I just listened to the Relationship MoJo teleconference. Thank you so much for sending the link. The tools offered will assist me in my family relationships, specifically with my sons who are men and we dance with the changes in our communication now that they are parents.
I also want to add that teleconferences are difficult for me due to hearing loss. The opportunity to receive your call via the computer after the fact was wonderful because I can pause and back up the discussion as needed. I feel like a little kid with a new and wonderful toy. Blessings to Patricia and Jay for offering this opportunity.


Patricia January 19, 2011 at 1:55 pm

Penney, I am glad that the replay works well for you. thanks for taking the time to tell us and share how the seminar was valuable for you!


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