Tears in the vegetable aisle

by Patricia on

My eyes have been a little “leaky” lately! In the tiredness that comes from very long and high energy days, I have encountered sadness that I didn’t expect. Sadness that doesn’t seem to be associated with any one cause or incident. Just a general sad. The result is my leaky eyes have released tears in the most unexpected moments. The kindness of people around is just amazing.

Sometimes it is just the compassionate energy I feel from them as they walk by or a look of concern with no requirement that I respond, just letting me know someone cares. Or I’m greeted with a cheery hello and a smile clearly intended to brighten my moment.

Do you have tears you are hiding? I encourage you to share them, allow your sadness to be witnessed. No need to explain or justify. As the emotion moves through you, peace will follow.

Once upon a time, a friend moved to another city, far away from her friends and family. One day, she was shopping and when she got to the snack aisle, she recalled good times with friends and the tears just started to flow. All of her sadness and loneliness surfaced and moved through her at the sight of their favorite snacks and memories of fun times together. “Then,” she said, “a little old lady came around the corner pushing a shopping cart. The lady stopped, put a hand on my shoulder and said, “It’s ok honey, I was crying over in the vegetables! Her compassion touched my heart and laughter followed.”

Be your own compassionate “little old lady” and be gentle with yourself and your tears. I know I feel better when I allow my tears to flow, even when I don’t know why I am crying. Although I must say I am personally much more likely to cry in bakery section!

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Cathy Kehoe October 29, 2010 at 12:11 am

Such wonderful insight!

Today I had an experience related to this – out of the blue. Found myself thinking about my brother. He and I were best buds growing up (only a year apart). Halloweeen was our favorite time of year. Together we put our creative juices to work, ever year outdoing the one before with our costumes, haunted houses and the like. He moved away from our abusive family out of self preservation just out of high school. All the way to Florida in fact, and he never looked back. Remebering these times my heart was flooded with the desire to connect with him. In our visits as adults he has proven to be the most loving father and incredible, kind, loving man. Knowing that he was likely perched high above a freeway or deepin a swamp (he has a very successful contracting business), I dashed off a simple message to him on e-mail. It ended, “Please know that I love you and how happy I am that you are my brother, I’d love to chat any time.” Tears were spontaneously rolling down my cheeks, I didnt even realize it. The whole experience took the space of a few minutes. Very profound. Seize the moment!

PS Just in case you are wondering, he mailed back asking for my phone number and happened to call while I was on the phone. I recieved the lovliest message from him that I think I’ve ever heard on my voice mail. I smiled for a long time, and am looking forward to talkng tomorrow!

Like Patricia shared, these precious moments in time can be very rich when we allow them. We never know how we will touch others either.


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