Finding patience with bits and bytes

by Patricia on

Today I graduated to another level of geekdom (said with great respect for those who master technology!). I created a new blog site to host the documentaries on Vets Journey Home and Taking It Lightly. I was so wonderfully successful in converting videos to the right format and uploading them that I think I will play with this a bit and add some of my teaching videos as well.

I learned about patience with the technology gremlins and found that if I don’t feed them water (my impatience and frustration) they actually perform very well and can even be friendly. [If you haven’t seen the movie Gremlins, the cute little creatures become deadly when given water after midnight, or something like that.]

I remember when I got a new computer a few years ago, it seemed so fast. Within a week I was impatient again wanting instant results, thinking it was moving too slow, something must have gone wrong. Only to discover with a little checking that in fact it was just me, in a hurry.

Breathing helps too. My breathing that is, lots of it, energizing my pre-frontal cortex and calming my body, love that serotonin!  It was almost as if my computer started breathing with me as we collaborated on a new creation. SO COOL!!!

So I invite you, next time the bits and the bytes start to bite you, to breathe and bless this amazing technology for helping us connect and communicate.

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