Breathing is essential!

by Patricia on

I’ve been doing a little research this week on how the breath affects the pre-frontal cortex, our “higher brain”.  Bottom line, because you probably don’t care for all the fine details of brain research – if we practice full deep breathing, connected breaths, we can activate the pre-frontal cortex, train it to operate at a higher level, find more peace, more well-being and release a lot of stress.

Here is just one of many articles about the research

So here I am at the end of a long, very full week, sitting in my favorite recliner and breathing, thinking about the wonderful things I want to have happen in my life and releasing the stress that has built up from the week.

I feel peacefully energized instead of exhausted, with some positive expectancy floating through my awareness.

Are you remembering to breathe? Deep relaxed inhale, full relaxed exhale, no pause at the top or the bottom of the breath. A loop of bringing in love and peace, letting go of stress and anxiety.  A little practice will do you a lot of good because breathing is essential!

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