Resistance is futile! What is, is. Now what? Take It Lightly!

by Patricia on

When recently challenged with someone else’s crisis that dramatically affected my life, my workload and my emotional state, I found myself hi-jacked, in resentment and frustration. As I listened to my internal conversation (an actually hilarious version of why me? why now?) I began to laugh. What value was there in that response? It certainly wasn’t going to change anything!

I took a deep breath and asked myself “What do I want, right now?” The answer was peace. That thought was closely followed by a voice reminding me of my favorite lesson from the Course in Miracles: I could see peace instead of this.

What was in the way of seeing peace? My internal “poor me” dialogue… Now I have to fix it, I have to change, Do I have to take care of everything??? I don’t want this to be happening, again!

I was in resistance. What had happened, happened. However, I was wanting it to be different. As if that would change what is!

As soon as I moved from my futile resistance and accepted what is, peace enveloped me. Ok, So I have what I have. Now what? What do I want to do in the next moment of Now?

I saw options and possibilities. I found assistance and support. I felt strong and clear. My heart was peaceful. My mind was focused.

As long as I resisted the circumstances, I felt sad and discouraged, angry and resentful.

Hmmm, which state was more enjoyable? Peace, definitely! So a few more deep breaths, more acceptance, and the necessary changes started falling into place.

I encourage you to remember, resistance is futile! The world continues in all its complexity and will throw you many curve balls. Relax into catching them, peacefully.

It’s a lot more fun taking it lightly!  Patricia Clason

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Donna Leazenby October 1, 2010 at 12:45 am

The prayer I use from the course in just those types of situations is:
I must have decided wrongly because I am not at peace. I made the decision myself and I can also decide otherwise. I want to decide otherwise because I want to be at peace. I do not feel guilty because the Holy Spirit will undo all the consequences of my wrong doing if I let Him. I choose to let Him, by allowing Him to decide for God for me. (page 90 ACIM)
Patricia, I miss you and everyone at the Center! Thank God for connection through the internet. Sometimes reading what you write makes me think you’re right across the table from me again! God Bless! Love, Donna L.


Daniel October 1, 2010 at 12:49 am

I agree with the way you handled that. I put a different spin on it by thinking, “I’ve got it bad, but somebody else has it worse”. Another method that works for me is; I think,”what would Jesus do”? If I still don’t have the answer I pray, and nine times out of ten, I receive the answer along with peace of mind and spirit. This, in turn, gives me new direction and new focus. It just goes to show that PRAYER IS A POWERFUL TOOL. God bless, Daniel


Eileen October 1, 2010 at 10:59 am

I was very moved by what you said. I have been feeling that same way lately and didn’t know which way to go. I have tried different ways on handlying my ups and downs lately. I will take a different a way of handling them. Looking inside and to see what the little one wants more than what I my want. I follow my gut alot and when I am not sure I ask God to set me on the right path. God’s blessing to you. Eileen


Lee LeTeff October 1, 2010 at 12:58 pm

I have had the opportunity this week on really striving to “take it lightly”. A friend of nearly 2 decades and fellow veteran took his life Tuesday night or in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. He left a note next to his will and who to call first.

Two other friends some years ago sold him guns. I was really angry with them thinking about their pockets before considering the safety of someone who they thought of as a friend. I told them both they probably laid out the future cause of his death. He was a depressive alcoholic. Depression won this week and my friend is gone.

I have been dealing with very unenlightened people this week to include another of his friends who he said to last week “I should just go home and blow my brains out.” The other friend replied “That would be stupid”. He did not realize that was an outcry for help. I had seen my friend who passed less than a week ago and he seemed to be his normal self passing the time of day with me, asking me if I had seen this or that article in the news, and asked after my family. I didn’t expect a thing. Of course, he hadn’t mentioned taking his life.

I mourn the loss of my friend and hope he out of pain and in a better place. Suicide is not an ideal way to conclude one’s life; yet, I do understand the pain that drives one in that direction. When other people make disparaging remarks about the deceased, it is not helpful to those experiencing the loss. Everyone has their own way of dealing with grief, but blaming the deceased helps no one.

Just a few thoughts of how my week has been going.

Lee LeTeff


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