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Resistance is futile! What is, is. Now what? Take It Lightly!

by Patricia

When recently challenged with someone else’s crisis that dramatically affected my life, my workload and my emotional state, I found myself hi-jacked, in resentment and frustration. As I listened to my internal conversation (an actually hilarious version of why me? why now?) I began to laugh. What value was there in that response? It certainly […]

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First Growing in the Light Teleconference a Smashing Success

by Jay

Tonight we held the inaugural Growing in the Light teleconference for graduates of the Taking It Lightly and Vets Journey Home weekends. Patricia Clason hosted the call and gave a presentation, with Jay Edgar guest speaker. Tonight’s Topic: Enough Already! We looked at the hard-wired processes in our brain that can keep the “I’m not […]

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